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Denver Maids Pro Home Cleaning Help & FAQs

Getting Started

Just click BOOK NOW link at the top of the page to book an appointment in 60 seconds. You can also give us a call at 303-323-8556 if you prefer.

We create an account for you when you make your first booking. After you have placed your booking we will send you a confirmation email with login instructions. Alternatively, click the Login button above and follow the instructions to create a Denver Maid Pros account.

We currently provide maid service in Denver and surrounding area. A little further than that? Give us a call at 1 (303)-323-8556 and we will see what we can do!

Yes, we will reach out to you to confirm the booking details and that the requested day and time works for our cleaning teams. You will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your appointment details and reminders as your appointment approaches.

We will happily accommodate your cancellation or reschedule any time up to the day before your scheduled appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule any time within 24 hours of your appointment, you will incur a $70.00 cancellation fee. Part of this fee goes to our cleaners to compensate them for not getting paid that day.

You can request an invoice by sending us an email with your appointment information to

We typically ask that all cleanings be scheduled in 48 hours in advance, but just give us a call and we can try to accommodate all requests!

We only accept credit card. We do not accept cash or check.

The Day of Services

Your cleaning team will arrive within the booking window and deliver a thorough clean. They will only leave when the job is done and you will be billed electronically at the end of the day.

We love pets! We request that all dogs are secured away so that our cleaning teams can focus on cleaning and not distracted by your friendly pooch! We charge a lockout fee if we arrive to a home with pets loose and no pet parents are around.

Not at all! Our cleaners are professionals, so it is not necessary to watch their work. Feel free to go on about your day and know you’ll come back to a sparkling home. Be sure to provide specific entry instructions to avoid a lock-out fee. Contact us if you’d like a free lockbox to store your key!

We try to arrive at the beginning of your appointment, but things happen throughout the day. Traffic, parking or the previous jobs before yours might have taken longer than expected. When booking an appointment, you are selecting an arrival window and you can expect your team to arrive within that time frame.

Cards are put on hold the day before an appointment. They will be automatically charged after the cleaning is complete.

Upon arrival, if we cannot enter the home we will try and contact you immediately to resolve the situation. If you cannot be reached and we cannot enter the home within 15 minutes of our arrival, you will incur a $70 lock-out fee. Please be sure to leave very clear instructions on how to enter your property when booking your appointment. Contact us if you’d like us to send you a free lockbox to store a key.

Services and pricing Policies

Your cleaning professionals will clean all rooms, including Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen, living areas and home office. All rooms are dusted, wiped down and floors are vacuumed/mopped. Bathroom services are disinfected, toilets and showers scrubbed and disinfected (Don’t worry, we use different sponges on each).

We require a Deep Clean for first-time customers or for customers who haven’t had a professional clean in the last few months.

To see our pricing go here: and select the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the frequency of service. Your price will be shown immediately. We also offer cleanings by the hour if that suits you better.

To book just fill the rest of your details in, select the day and time from our available time slots, hit submit and you are all set! You will receive an email confirmation and on the selected day and time your team of cleaning professionals will take care of the rest.

You can also call us at 1 (303)-323-8556 to arrange a date and time convenient to you.

All Denver Maid Pros teams bring their own supplies and equipment. If you have specific products that you would prefer we use on specific surfaces such as countertops or floors, just leave them out for your cleaner and they’ll substitute their normal product for yours. It’s that easy!

We have structured our flat rate pricing based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms because it gives us an idea of how large your home is overall and includes all of the living spaces such as hallways, dining rooms, living rooms etc… Our pricing takes into account how long it will take to clean your entire home. If you would like us to only focus on certain portions of your home, we offer hourly cleanings so we can clean your house exactly how you want it.

Yes! A move out cleaning includes all of the items in a deep clean plus the inside of cabinets and drawers, inside the fridge oven and interior window cleaning. This is everything you need to move in/out of a place. The home needs to be completely empty for a move in/out cleaning.

Absolutely! On the checkout page, you will find some certain extras we offer for an additional fee. Click on the boxes to add them to your order. Click on the box again to remove them from your order. Further down the page, there is a box dedicated to “special instructions”. Anything we need to know from entry instructions to pets or other special tasks should be specified there.

We don’t clean chandeliers, mold, bodily fluids, pet waste, light bulbs, dishes, areas higher than the 2nd step on a ladder, exteriors. We don’t work with high levels of trash, clutter or hoarding scenarios. We don’t organize. We don’t scrub painted walls. We do not haul any trash off-site.

Laundry is only done while the maid is cleaning the house. They will start laundry when they arrive, change it to the dryer when it is done washing. If they is still there when that load is dry, they will fold it. Once the maid is done cleaning, they are done with laundry and will not wait around for the clothes to be done.

Although we do not hand wash floors, you can be confident your floors will be sparkling clean. Handwashing is not necessary to achieve a beautiful floor and causes our cleaners a lot of pain.

Simply enter your coupon (gift card) code into the booking form as you are creating your booking. Your final price will automatically change to reflect your coupon balance. At any time you can Login into your account and see the balance on any gift cards you have.

Log into your account from the Login button on the home page menu and you will see any outstanding gift cards and respective balances. In addition, you can see any referral rewards you have earned for referring a friend.

Absolutely. You can apply a coupon to a future appointment by logging into your account and clicking your name in the top right hand corner. You can then select “redeem voucher” and enter your code. The system will automatically apply the code to your next appointment. You can not apply your coupon to past appointment that are already completed.

The credit card information will only be used to reserve your appointment. If you have enough credit to cover your entire appointment, you will not be charged. You will only be charged if there is a difference between your credit amount and your appointment total.

Manage your account

Just click the ‘Login’ button in the top menu. Once there enter your user name and password and click login.

On the Login page (Linked at the top of the page or by clicking here), click “I forgot my password” and a new one will be emailed to you immediately

On the Login page (Linked at the top of the page or by clicking here), click “I forgot my password” and a new one will be emailed to you immediately

Once logged in, go to account settings, and then select change my address.

Once logged in, go to account settings, and then select change my credit card on file

Trust and safety

Definitely. All of our cleaning teams are thoroughly insured and undergo a very rigorous screening process. We conduct background checks on all cleaners and conduct ongoing evaluations to ensure a consistent, high quality service. Rest assured, you’re in good hands!

We do understand that accidents can happen, and in the rare and unlikely event of an incident, our team is here to support you. Please call 303-323-8556 and we will assist with finding a resolution. For ultimate protection and peace of mind, we recommend securing or removing any valuable or personal items prior to your appointment. Please be advised that our policy does not cover theft or missing items.

Yes, all payments are processed through a secure, third party provider called stripe. Stripe is a SSL-encrypted, PCI compliant provider. No one at Denver Maid Pros has visibility to any of your credit card information.

Of course! All cleanings teams undergo a thorough national background check.

Simply put, we want you to be completely happy. If you find that we missed a spot or don’t believe we cleaned an area to your satisfaction, let us know within 24 hours and we will come back out, free of charge, and fix the offending areas. If you are not still completely satisfied that we did not resolve your issue, let us know and we will refund your home cleaning in full. We will not issue refund if there-clean is denied.

Billing information is required to hold a reservation. Your credit card will be pre-authorized when you book an appointment, but you will not be charged until we have confirmed the appointment is completed. We do not accept cash or check.

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